The 10th of May from 11:00 to 12:30 AM CET – Webinar LCBI Methodology and Objectives

The Low Carbon Building Initiative (LCBI), launched in 2022, unites major European real-estate stakeholders to promote low carbon building and reduce the CO2 emissions of European real estate by half. The group is active across the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Germany.

LCBI aims to create the first pan-European methodology for measuring the carbon footprint of real estate, based on a holistic Life-Cycle Analysis (Embodied carbon, Operational carbon, Biogenic carbon). LCBI set up a scientific committee with experts and certifiers from all over Europe. A pan-European low carbon label will be derived from the LCBI carbon Life-Cycle Analysis in order to encourage the implementation of low carbon pratices.

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For further information about LCBI, check the LCBI website.